The VMN Group  
Optimizing Business Decisions  

The VMN Group

VMN Group LLC solves complex, strategic business problems. We have developed advanced methodologies and implemented those methodologies in state-of-the-art software programs.

We offer both consulting services, aimed at problem formulation and development of mathematical models, and software implementations, often customized, that provide solutions to strategic business decision problems.

Our methods can be described as Financial Engineering, with particular expertise in these areas:

‘ Decision analysis
‘ Financial analysis
‘ Multiattribute utility analysis
‘ Mathematical modeling and optimization
‘ Modeling and representing client-specific values and procedures


  •  Life-Cycle Asset Management

    Create opitmal decision rules for when to test, repair or replace assets

  • Project Prioritization

    Analyze, rank, and consistantly select spending initiatives based on quantifiable merit

  • Equipment Testing

    Measure the value and effectiiveness of any diagnostic test

  • Strategic Systems Reliability

    Identify and control the risk of cascading failures in complex, interrelated systems